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Carpeting adds warmth and comfort to your home and business by increasing the sound absorption and insulation. We can install carpet over many kinds of surfaces, even hiding irregularities in your subflooring. A carpeted floor is a beautiful, functional, and economical flooring option for businesses and families.

Ceramic TILE & Stone

Ceramic tile is a mixture of clays and other natural materials. The special clays are mined from the earth, shaped, colored and then fired in kilns. Traditional ceramic tile can be naturally colored and left unglazed like terra cotta, or they can feature colored or highly designed surfaces which can be glazed (finished with a glass surface) either in a high gloss or matte finish.

Stone floors are natural, beautiful, and always stylish. The naturally cool, hard surface is ideal for warm climates and does not harbor dust or allergens. The amount and size of pores in a stone, referred to as porosity, affects its strength and stain resistance.


Natural Beauty Meets Commercial Durability

Organic, authentic, beautiful – solid hardwood is the coveted choice in flooring. A timeless option that coordinates with many styles, solid hardwood floors provide performance and durability that lasts a lifetime, with the flexibility to always remain in style and on trend.

Luxury Vinyl Tile / Planks

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a luxury vinyl product that looks like stone or ceramic tile, complete with gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feels like the real thing.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a luxury vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks in everything from color to species.

rubber / VCT / Sheet Vinyl

Rubber flooring is a specialty flooring option designed to add padding and spring underfoot. Its unique qualities and style options make it a very versatile flooring From gyms to bathrooms to kitchens to playrooms, rubber flooring is a great choice for many spaces.

Vinyl composite tile combines quality and versatility in a range of patterns, styles and colors. VCT flooring is well constructed and has the durability to provide years of performance. For high traffic areas, you can select a VCT flooring variety that will effectively hide scuffs and dirt, making it a practical option.

Sheet vinyl flooring is a continuous sheet of polymer materials manufactured in widths of about six to 16 feet. Sheet vinyl wears well, resists water and is one of the most affordable flooring options available.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is offered for both commercial and residential properties.  Our professional grade steam system removes deep stains to prevent them from returning, giving your carpets a fresh new look with extended life.

Moisture Mitigation

Moisture mitigation systems exist to limit the impact of moisture on installed floors and to reduce the risks of moisture-related problems. Think of it as flooring insurance; the cost up front can offset potential disasters down the road. The purpose of any moisture mitigation system is to limit or eliminate the movement of water vapor into the flooring system. This may include water vapor from exterior sources like ground water, or moisture vapor from a subfloor system itself. Regardless of the source, high moisture levels will move from high concentration areas to low concentration areas until it reaches a state of equilibrium. Interrupting that natural process is the key to preventing moisture-related complications. Any efficient moisture mitigation system may involve a number of elements including: Vapor Retarders, Surface Membranes / Applied Barriers, Adhesives and Moisture Testing.